Sprint 4 Retrospective

This sprint seems to be the last of nearly entirely research sprints. Now we have the tools we need to get down to business and make some meaningful changes to the code. We have access to the replica of the current, existing system, we’ve gained insight into whether or not we can use AccuTrack, and we learned how we will have to integrate OneCard Scanning. We’ve also organized our story boards to a reasonable state but there is always room for improvement and there are definitely pieces that we are forgetting to add that we’ll come up with on the go. Now it’s time to build stuff.

The first thing we did the sprint was something that actually happened at the very tail end of the last sprint, we gained access to a working replica of the existing system with help from Michelle, Beaulieu, the graduate assistant for the food pantry project. This let us see what flaws there are in the existing system as well as an idea of the complexity that the food pantry workers are familiar with. From obtaining access to this system, we learned about several new stories/epics that we’ll need to add to the growing list of things to do. This included additional fields/questions for the intake form as well as an entirely non-existent report system that we thought was somewhat integrated already. There are other small examples of things that we caught but those are the highlights.

I also met with Bridget Joiner from the student affairs office and discussed theproject. She was the liaison between Joanne and Laura Caswell, the person in IT who was setting up the system within AccuTrack for the food pantry. From this meeting, I learned that it was unlikely that we would be able to integrate with AccuTrack at all but that it was also a good idea to meet with Laura Catwell to get confirmation and possibly hands-on experience with the AccuTrack system. Following this meeting I met with Laura and confirmed that it was not possible to use the AccuTrack system and I also learned that the food pantry workers never bothered to learn the AccuTrack system so the lack of utilization won’t make a difference. I also learned that the level of communication between all parties was poor to say the least but this was a lesson to develop better communication in the future with all parties involved. Laura also confirmed that we could use a scanner and how to access the ID numbers on the card.

Next was the big move from Trello to GitHub issues. While everything has been moved from Trello to GitHub this is an ongoing process and we’re continuing to improve our system as we go along. We’ve decided that anything more than a task belongs on the LibreFoodPantry repository and all tasks should be on the one specific to our sections. We’re continuing to make organizational decisions regarding specific wording, tagging, and branches.

We’ve also obtained the scanner and confirmed the pattern that occurs when scanning OneCards for future integration of the device.

I also spent some time trying to correct some version mismatch problems with my local system and the current code that was on GitHub as of yesterday. There seems to be a new push from the other group that will hopefully resolve these issues, as the old version they had pushed used older versions of software.

This sprint was productive but not in ways that we expected. We expected to have more done regarding the actual software but instead we learned much more about the future and the long term goals of this project. We would have needed to have these conversations at some point so getting them out of the way now is not a bad thing. Hopefully by the end of the next sprint we’ll have some more developed, working software to discuss.

GitHub links to both repositories mentioned:




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