Sprint 3 Retrospective

In all honesty, this sprint was definitely the one where we’ve made the most progress. During this sprint we were finally able to get access to the input form and sample output from Joanne and her graduate assistant, Michelle. It took several weeks of continuous emails and a face to face meeting to finally get access to the documents. This has been the story of this project for this semester at this point. From my experience during my internships, the length of time to get a response from someone can vary and maybe it is different because of the many different projects and classes that everyone involved is responsible for, but this seems a little outside what is reasonable.

Our biggest problem to this point in the semester has been a lack of communication between our customers and the other necessary parties that can get us moving with the key details of our project. We were warned at the beginning of the semester that our customers likely didn’t know what they wanted and this couldn’t be more accurate. They have the best of intentions but lack the technical foresight to think about how to organize their project to make it any bit future-proof. We’re doing our best to find a happy medium between a complete rework that makes it more scalable and continuing to follow the flows that they are just becoming familiar with.

The other group working on the food pantry project is doing more of the heavy lifting at this point as they’ve already started working on the interface for what will hopefully one day be the new food pantry software system. It is difficult to communicate with them as we’re basically on opposite schedules and everything is on a two day delay for the most part but we are making the most of what we can do.

My role for the last two weeks has been more of a product owner compared to a developer and it has for the most of this semester. I’m not upset about this as it has been a different experience than what I am used to. I’ve been our point of communication with Joanne and the food pantry workers as well as often the one organizing our Trello board and conducting the planning meetings. There is definitely some overlap between product owner and scrum master responsibilities but I haven’t done almost any code writing this semester. I honestly think what we’re doing better as a group as the semester continues to roll on, is rolling with the punches. We’re getting better at reacting faster to the curveballs that are being thrown our way. We’ve been told that everything that needs to be on the current intake form is already there, but after mere minutes of review, we’ve noted several questions that are missing based on the reports we are being asked to output for the final project.

We’re also getting better at splitting up the work between our group. The roles have yet to see much change as the semester progresses but again, I’m not upset about this and it doesn’t seem like anyone in my particular group is. We’re assigning stories/tasks better so everyone has something to work on throughout the sprint and we’re documenting who is working on what in our Trello board. Hopefully we’ll be able to utilize the issues system on Github as soon as our repository situation is resolved but we’re making the most of what we can do with the tools we are given. We’re noting down which particular project each issue/task/story belongs to by noting “[project name]” at the start of the blip on Trello. Overall, organization has improved and hopefully we’re developing a standard that can be utilized well after we are handing off this project at the end of the semester.

I would provide links to the projects we’ve worked on but they are exclusively private. This includes our private group Trello, Slack, and the access link to our newly acquired mock form/output.


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